What is iASTM? iASTM is a therapy approach that focuses on scarring, degeneration, and fibrosis that can develop in the body's soft tissues from a variety of causes such as trauma, overuse, or surgery. iASTM uses instruments along the skin and soft tissues to find the problem areas and stimulate the healing process. How does it work? iASTM stimulates the body's natural healing process by disrupting abnormal scar tissue which is present due to either an acute or chronic injury such as tendon degeneration. The body's healing process sends new connective tissue, called collagen, to replace the dysfunctional tissue with good quality, healthy tissue. After iASTM treatment, your physical therapist will provide you with a stretching and/or strengthening program designed specifically to encourage the involved area to heal correctly. Your therapist will also ask you to stay as active as possible while undergoing iASTM treatment to further strengthen the new connective tissue that the body is generating. Effectiveness The iASTM system is an evidence-based treatment option for many orthopedic pathologies. Research has found the iASTM system to be valuable in the treatment of patellar tendonosis, ankle pain, elbow pain, total knee replacement, carpal tunnel syndrome, fracture, and a variety of other diagnoses. Clinically, iASTM certified therapists at Finley Physical Therapy have found significant gains in symptoms and functioning in patients with post-surgical scarring, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinosis, patellofemoral pain syndrome, hip pain, spine pain, shoulder pain, and elbow pain. Examples of such success stories include a patient returning to running in just 2 treatments after an acute calf strain, a patient after a total knee replacement showing immediate gains in motion after a single treatment with iASTM, and a twelve-year-old child having major gains in flexibility and more normal walking after the iASTM treatment. The list of successes could go on and on, and more importantly it could include you.