Finley Physical Therapy and Sports Training, owned and operated by

Ken Finley, PT, DPT, MTC, FMSC, CSCS, MCT-level 2, is a private outpatient practice dedicated to providing a UNIQUE training and rehabilitation experience.

It is our unique experience that let us solve your pain and movement problems faster and with far less cost to you the client/patient. 

Tired of seeing patients lumped together in a large gym with therapists following the same tired exercise routines, Finley PT was born creating a ONE ON ONE therapist to patient experience. Always ahead of the curve in training and PT treatment procedures, Finley PT will ACCELERATE your recovery from injury or surgery. 

With the rising cost of healthcare and higher than ever deductibles, offering excellent service at affordable rates is more important than ever.

Because we own our building and have streamlined our costs, this allows us to offer you services at nearly 50% of what other outpatient clinics offer. We have negotiated much lower fees for our services from insurance companies that keeps your out of pocket expense much lower. 

We believe that it is our job not just to execute a rehab program but to have a LIFE CHANGING impact on the lives of the clients we serve. We specialize in manual therapy techniques offering PT’s who are specially trained in this area of physical therapy. This is a specialized branch of physical therapy that optimizes and speeds healing with minimal to no discomfort to the patient. 

Finley Physical Therapy officially opened for business on March 1, 2001 right here in Spartanburg, SC. Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, physical therapy at Finley PT focuses on a HOLISTIC APPROACH to injuries, encompassing a COMPLETE evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have factored in to the injury taking place. We take the time to know your SPECIFIC problem and provide you with a specific treatment plan suited to your INDIVIDUAL needs.