"I got in touch with a new physical therapist, Dr. Ken Finley. Now, he had never met me before, he had never seen me play soccer and he had no clue what kind of soccer player I was or what success I might have had in the past. And as he was evaluating my movements and seeing where I was, I became a little self-conscious. I could tell that I wasn’t doing everything right so I made a comment on my movement. He picked up on my lack of confidence, and in that exact moment, he looked me right into the eyes and said, “Annie Kate. You are an athlete. You were an athlete. You will be an athlete. You can do this." I was taken aback. This man didn’t really know me at all. He knew nothing about me as a player or a person, but the second he met me and I became his patient, he believed in me. And in that moment, he believed in me more than I believed in myself. He gifted me his belief, and as a result, I was empowered. I worked with him for five months and was able to safely return to sport." -A.H.

"I am forever grateful to you and your team for getting me back on my feet for the 2nd time now. Working in orthopedics, I have learned the difference in great and excellent healthcare and you guys are EXCELLENT." -M.E.

"On the bright side, my metatarsals issue is really under control now, if not finished!  This is a fantastic development." -B.K.

"I really do appreciate your time and your flexibility to work with our schedule! And thank you for your help. Truly a God send for us." -M.A.

"My swing speed (golf) increased from 111mph to 115mph. For me that’s an increase of 10-15 yards on my drives. I really excited about the difference plus I don’t hurt when I play golf now." -B.T.

"A few years ago I decided that I wanted to start running. I was overweight and had trouble with shin splints. I came to you and you taught me the exercises I needed to get rid of my shin splints. Since then I've lost 60 lbs. and now run several times a week without trouble. I still do the exercises you showed me. I just want you to know I truly appreciate all your help." -J.B.

"After doing the breathing exercises you taught me, I don't need 2 of the medicines that I used to take for my asthma. My doctor was amazed at my improvement in my breathing." -B.D.