Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a "hands-on" approach to the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal deficits. This approach is based on the assessment and treatment of:

          -Joint alignment and mobility

          -Length and strength of muscles across these joints

          -Coordination of movement patterns of joints and muscles in functional patterns

The goal of manual physical therapy is to restore the affected tissues to normal function and is combined with exercise programs to promote:

          -Healthy and efficient joint motion

          -Maximal muscle strength and endurance

          -Coordination of movement with activities associated with daily living, sports, and work.

To maximize the benefit of manual therapy, a therapeutic exercise program will be incorporated into the treatment plan. Additionally, when appropriate, a custom home exercise program will be developed and taught. Exercise programs are used to reinforce the "hands-on" work performed by your therapist. Home exercise programs also provide patients an opportunity to maintain and even improve upon functional gains achieved with physical therapy. Ultimately, we want you to be independent and in control of your health.